Thursday, June 1, 2000


A distance of 200km in 4 days, a total riding time of 18 hours over terrain where there are no flats, only climbs and descends, heat, rain, extreme conditions, right smack in the center of Borneo- that's what it's all about.

Meet the riders

Michael Lu, 39, was the pioneer and trail blazer as he rode his way into the Malaysian book of Records by riding solo from Kapit to Sibu. Apart from mountain biking, Michael participates in triathlons and running marathons. He works as a Sales and Marketing Manager for Openlink Software Asia. One bike man, current equipment: Specialized FSR XC.
Malcolm Jitam, 40, was one of the few who was instrumental in popularising mountain biking in Sarawak. He races regularly both on and off road and likes the great outdoors with rock climbing being his other passion. He is a tourism and leisure consultant and assist hotels and resorts in setting up their recreation unit. Has 4 bikes but will use: Specialized M2 Stumpjumper.

Glen McNair, 34, is a South African who is addicted to adrenalin rushes. He does base jumping, sky diving and rock climbs for kicks, apart from riding mountain bikes. He works as a forester and loves birthday parties. One bike man a Schwinn Moab 2.

Liu Shan Chong, 51, is the eldest of the riders. Once overweight with health problems, he now has become physically and mentally younger. Liu, a black belt holder in Judo, runs the Hash but holds back on the post runs celebrations. He works in the road building industry. Has a road and off road Diamondback Hardtail bike.

Jong Tze Fui, 19, is the youngest of the gang. He lives around cycling and used to ride for the state team. This A- student is awaiting entry into university with Environmental Engineering as the major. Apart from the bike, he spends most nights as the kitchen supervisor at his family's restaurant. Has road and off road bike a Fisher Xcalliber XC.

John Hagedorn, 42, was perhaps one of earliest person to ride a 'real' mountain bike in Malaysia. He embraces a healthy life and has documented the rise and growth of mountain biking in the region. He is a language and skills consultant and works around Asia. Has tow mountain bikes, both classic but will use Specialized Stumpjumper (Classic).

Eunice Jitam, 35, is the extreme tour coordinator. This active lady goes rock climbing and also does gym sessions to keep in shape apart from riding her 3 bikes. Together with Malcolm, they run a tourism and leisure consultancy apart from taking care of a home. Current equipment: Ibis Ti Mojo.

What is the Extreme Tour of Rejang 2000?

It is essentially a media event covering a tough challenging mountain bike ride by 6 riders from 3 nationalities, over a distance of 250 km+ from Pelagus to Sibu in 4 days.

Why? (Objectives)
  • To bring to attention the attractions in the central region of Sarawak
  • To highlight the adventure potentials in the central region of Sarawak.
  • To highlight the whole area from Pelagus to Sibu as ONE whole region.
  • To highlight the 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit to succeed.
  • To run an adventure to build it up to an event for hard core adventure seekers in the future.


From 17-22 July, 2000.


  • Day 1 - 17 Jul, Mon Travel to Sibu, Kapit and to PelagusO/n Pelagus Resort
  • Day 2 - 18 Jul, TuesRide from Pelagus to Kapit (est.75 km)Meet YB Dato Dr. James Masing in Kapit with ceremonyO/n Melagai Hotel, Kapit
  • Day 3 - 19 Jul, WedBoat Transfer Kapit/SongRide Communist Trail in Song and lunch with Sibu STA Liaisons Frankie Ting (60 km)O/n Song Government Resthouse
  • Day 4 - 20 Jul, ThursEpic ride Song to Kanowit (est.95km)O/n Kanowit
  • Day 5 - 21 Jul, FriPM Ride Kanowit to Sibu (est.70 km)Arrive in Sibu with ceremonies with local dignateries.Press conference in Tanahmas HotelO/n Tanahmas Hotel
  • Day 6 - 22 Jul, SatDepart Sibu for respective hometowns.

Press Conference

This press conference marked the beginning of a media build-up to ETOR 2000 which was graced by YB Dato' Dr. James Masing, the Minister for Tourism, Sarawak. Also present were the orgainser of the event, with some of the riders and local dignitaries from government departments.

Eunice Jitam addressing the well attended press conference.

Six riders with ages ranging from 19 to 51 representing four different nationalities will attempt to ride over 300km in four days from The Regency Pelagus Resort to Sibu. The team will have stopovers in Kapit, Song and Kanowit.

The function was held at the Igan Room, Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu at 10 a.m. on Friday 16 June, 2000.

ETOR is brought to you by the Ministry of Tourism, Sarawak, with the support of The Tourism Task Force of Kapit and Sibu Division

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